Power Gym

"Three Machines in One"

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    Three Machines in One.
    Ultra Smooth and ?Super Heavy Duty.
    Ultimate Home Gym or PT Studio Machine.
    Customise to Suit YOUR Needs
    Lifetime Warranty

    This is THE Perfect Machine for Your Home Gym or PT Studio…
    Training in limited space Does Not mean you have to compromise your Training with a badly designed MultiGym where the Weight Stacks are too light, the Cables feel jerky and sticky and the whole thing flexes and wobbles when Weight is added!

    Power Gym is a cleverly designed combination of a:
    Dual Adjustable Pulley with 2x 100kg Weight Stacks.
    4 Way Smith Machine where the Bar moves Laterally as well as Vertically.
    Half Rack with Removable Safety Beams and Lift Off Hooks.
    Multi Position Chin Up Bar.
    Optional Platform with Base Pulley Also Available.

    Available with 3 different height options! 2380mm, 2200mm and 2000mm.
    Four way smith – D 1925 x W 1900 x with 3 height options (H 2380 / H 2200 / H 2000)
    Fixed Smith – D 1595 x W 1900 x with 3 height options (H 2380 / H 2200 / H 2000)
    No Smith – D 1350 x W 1900 x with 3 height options (H 2380 / H 2200 / H 2000)

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