Adjustable Hack Squat, Plate Loaded

"Our new Hack Squat gives you the simplest way to hit your legs from every angle"

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    There’s a reason for this, our new hydraulic Adjustable Hack Squat gives you the quickest and simplest way to hit your legs from every angle and with varying loads and ‘acceleration masses’.

    Besides being an incredibly heavy duty hack squat in it’s own right, this new machine has a huge Foot plate allowing you to shift the load from quad / hamstring / glutes etc. by adjusting your foot placement.

    The main feature however that separates this from every other hack squat is the built-in hydraulic system that allows you to quickly and easily change the angle from 30 to 70 degrees (and everything in between).

    Even while the hack squat is in use the angle can be changed. Huge and super intense ‘drop sets’ can achieved easily with this incredible device.

    The Fully adjustable foot plate adds even further to the capabilities and versatility of the Watson Adjustable Hack Squat.

  • Specifikation
    Bredd 1800 mm
    Djup 2100 mm
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