Platform - Vibration and Sound Absorbing


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  • Beskrivning

    Evolve Free Standing Sound & Vibration Absorption Platform reduce vibration, help keep workout areas quiet and protect flooring from damages. Falling weights can create noise and vibration that heavily impact walls and gym floors. Reducing vibrations in gyms leads to a more comfortable training experience for users and allows for high intensity workouts that don’t disturb the neighbors.

    The middle part is protected with a non-slip hardwearing laminate, while side parts have long lasting durable inlaid rubber strip to guard deck edges, bumpers and discs from damage. The platform is highly durable, has aesthetic appeal and will stand up to the heavy use in commercial facilities.

  • Specifikation
    Längd 310 cm
    Bredd 210 cm
    Höjd 10 cm
  • Om varumärket

    Evolve är det prisvärda men moderna och smarta alternativet för träningsmaskiner. Utvecklat i Europa och med bas i Litauen levererar Evolve stilren design med väl genomtänkta funktioner.

    Evolve's egna ord: "Evolve Fitness is a patented brand. We produce our equipment and inventory in world’s biggest elite factories which also manufacture other world-known fitness brand equipment. We order and store huge amounts of items straight from factories, and offer it to you without any middleman retail or wholesale sellers, which is why we can offer the best equipment in the industry for considerably lower prices than other brands.

    ​We provide fitness equipment and inventory straight from the factory which is very beneficial to You, since there are no additional costs for middleman sellers. You get only the best items in the industry firsthand.

    We consider users’ needs constantly and focus our attention to ergonomic design and innovative features which allow gym owners to attract more clients and ensure effective workouts with minimum maintenance. Evolve Fitness stands out of other brands because we persistently test, pick and provide the industry with the highest quality products in their class. This is why each product is no-doubt the ideal version of itself for the best price."

    Mer information här: https://www.evolve-fitness.eu/