Glute press, Plate Loaded

Hip Thrust "Increase your strength capabilities without fear of serious injuries"

Artikelnr: ES-60168
  • Beskrivning

    A strength machine from the group of free weights for exercising the buttocks muscles, designed for advanced bodybuilders and athletes. The additional possibility of imposing a heavy load (up to 150 kg on the shoulder) and the safety of the exercise allow you to increase your strength capabilities without fear of serious injuries. All steel elements are laser cut with exceptional accuracy, which translates into the quality of the exercise.
    NS 09A

  • Specifikation
    Längd 163 cm
    Bredd 130 cm
    Höjd 125 cm
    Vikt 160 kg
  • Om varumärket

    Mastersport är uppstickaren med tillverkning och utveckling i Polen. Modern, funktionell och snygg design till ett bra pris är ett vinnande koncept.

    I Mastersport’s egna ord: “For over 20 years we are proud to spread the culture of a healthy lifestyle and fitness around the world. From the beginning we focus on quality, functionality and biomechanics of our equipment. Always take care of the smallest details.”

    Master sport maskiner kan man få i valfri färgkombination för att passa just ditt brand, träningsanläggning eller gym. 

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