Evolve Ultra Upright Bike 15,6 console


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  • Beskrivning

    Introducing the Evolve Ultra Series UL-156 Commercial Upright Bike, a state-of-the-art fitness machine that combines cutting-edge technology with premium design. This cardio powerhouse is meticulously crafted, featuring a sleek Sandy Black frame that exudes sophistication and durability. The frame is complemented by black-painted accessories, creating a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic.

    The Evolve Ultra Series UL-156 Commercial Upright Bike offers a seamless blend of comfort and performance, providing users with satisfying workout experience. As you mount the bike and settle into its ergonomic seat, you’ll immediately notice the supportive design that ensures proper posture throughout your ride. The smooth, fluid motion of the pedals, coupled with customizable resistance levels, allows you to tailor your workout to your fitness level and goals. With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, adjusting settings and tracking your progress is effortless, empowering you to focus solely on your workout. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself with an intense cardio session or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, the Evolve Ultra Series UL-156 Commercial Upright Bike.

    At the core of the Evolve Ultra Series is an advanced EMS brake system, providing smooth and precise resistance control during your workouts. The 10kg flywheel with a 265mm diameter ensures a challenging yet comfortable cycling experience. The three-piece chromed crank, adorned with chromed decoration cover, not only adds style but also enhances the bike’s longevity.

    One of the standout features of this bike is the 15.6″ TFT console, which boasts a handle pulse sensor for accurate heart rate monitoring. This console isn’t just about tracking your stats; it’s a hub of connectivity. You can seamlessly connect to popular fitness apps like Kinomap and Zwift via Bluetooth, enhancing your training experience. Moreover, the TFT console comes equipped with a range of built-in apps, including Google Chrome, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Video, Amazon Shopping, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s your one-stop entertainment and workout companion.

  • Specifikation
    Färg Svart
    Längd 1220 mm
    Bredd 610 mm
    Höjd 1540 mm
    Max användarvikt 200 kg
  • Om varumärket

    Evolve är det prisvärda men moderna och smarta alternativet för träningsmaskiner. Utvecklat i Europa och med bas i Litauen levererar Evolve stilren design med väl genomtänkta funktioner.

    Evolve's egna ord: "Evolve Fitness is a patented brand. We produce our equipment and inventory in world’s biggest elite factories which also manufacture other world-known fitness brand equipment. We order and store huge amounts of items straight from factories, and offer it to you without any middleman retail or wholesale sellers, which is why we can offer the best equipment in the industry for considerably lower prices than other brands.

    ​We provide fitness equipment and inventory straight from the factory which is very beneficial to You, since there are no additional costs for middleman sellers. You get only the best items in the industry firsthand.

    We consider users’ needs constantly and focus our attention to ergonomic design and innovative features which allow gym owners to attract more clients and ensure effective workouts with minimum maintenance. Evolve Fitness stands out of other brands because we persistently test, pick and provide the industry with the highest quality products in their class. This is why each product is no-doubt the ideal version of itself for the best price."

    Mer information här: https://www.evolve-fitness.eu/