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Barebell hip thrust made easy

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    Greater range of motion
    A hip thrust bench allows you to perform the exercise with a more extensive range of motion than you might be able to achieve on the floor. This can help you better engage the glutes and hamstrings and improve your overall results.

    More stability
    The bench provides a stable surface for your upper back and shoulders, which can help you maintain proper form and reduce the risk of injury.

    Increased resistance
    With the BB Bench, you can add weights to the exercise more easily, using our original strap design. This unique design lifts and hold the barbell. This makes the exercise much easier to execute. Also makes it easier to progressively overload the muscles, which is key to building strength and muscle mass over time.

    Improved posture and balance
    Strengthening the glutes and lower back muscles can help improve your posture and balance, reducing your risk of injury and improving your overall physical performance.

    Using a hip thrust bench can add variety to your workout routine, helping to prevent boredom and keep you motivated to continue working out.

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    Längd 1503 mm
    Bredd 934 mm
    Höjd 340 mm
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