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Explode Leg press, Utomhusgym


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  • Beskrivning

    Leg Press Inter Atletika KF803 is intended for leg muscle training and effectively shapes up thighs and buttocks. The design of the machine engages quadriceps to the maximum and eliminates the load on the spine, which enables training with bigger weights.

  • Specifikation
    Längd 2846 mm
    Bredd 938 mm
    Höjd 1571 mm
    Viktstack 2 х 30 kg
  • Om varumärket

    Machines with built-in weights EXPLODE, from Inter Atletika, are an innovation in sports equipment! They feature built-in weights and can be used both inside and outside. Extra-strong vandal-resistant design is made of 3 mm steel. They are user-friendly due to quick and easy load control. Galvanized coating ensures resistance to any kind of weather. Trendy design and wide color range can both integrate the machines into a gym or make them a separate training area.


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