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Explode Lat pull down machine, Utegym


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  • Beskrivning

    Lat Pull Down Inter Atletika KF805 with built-in weights can replace weight stack machines where those cannot be mounted. Compared to pull-ups, this exercise works out the muscles from a slightly different angle, which excludes femur flexors and core muscles and allows concentration on spine alone.

  • Specifikation
    Längd 2238 mm
    Bredd 1445 mm
    Höjd 1907 mm
    Viktstack 2 х 30 kg
  • Om varumärket

    Machines with built-in weights EXPLODE, from Inter Atletika, are an innovation in sports equipment! They feature built-in weights and can be used both inside and outside. Extra-strong vandal-resistant design is made of 3 mm steel. They are user-friendly due to quick and easy load control. Galvanized coating ensures resistance to any kind of weather. Trendy design and wide color range can both integrate the machines into a gym or make them a separate training area.