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Multi 5-station

Multi-function machine

Artikelnr: ES-60152
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    A multifunctional strength machine that allows 6 people to exercise at the same time, consisting of two rope stations, a triceps station and a lower and upper lift. The device is designed to exercise the biceps and triceps muscles of the arms, the broadest back, the muscles of the back, chest and shoulder girdle. The tower structure is made of a flat-oval section with dimensions of 125x60x3. The stack covers are made of profiled sheet metal. The stacks are equipped with a magnetic load selector.

    Upholstery elements have been adapted to the anatomical shapes of the exerciser, which contributes to the comfort and safety of use. Elements in direct contact with the feet are made of rubber, ensuring greater stability and safety during exercise. The presence of a 7-step adjustment of the roller pressure allows the device to be adjusted to the height of the exerciser. The standard equipment includes a long and short bar and a single handle.


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