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Hip flex/chin bar

Chins, Dips, Leg Raise

Artikelnr: ES-60186
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    A two-function device used to pull up on a bar and handrails. Intended for exercising the latissimus muscles of the back, chest, extensors and flexors of the arms. The additional ability to pull up the legs strengthens the lower abdominal muscles. The structure of the device is made of a flat-oval section with dimensions of 125x60x3. Upholstery elements adapted to the anatomical shapes of the exerciser contribute to the comfort and safety of use. Elements in direct contact with the feet are made of sheet metal equipped with special non-slip rubberized strips ensuring greater stability and safety during exercise.

    BML 13

  • Specifikation
    Längd 164 cm
    Bredd 115 cm
    Höjd 235 cm
    Max användarvikt 150 kg
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